About Gratitude

In 2015 I realized a change concerning my mood when I’m cooking.

I liked cooking all the time, but lately I have developed a genuine gratitude for the food I am granted by our world.

These feelings are not because I’m a member of a church or I feel like “You have to be grateful!”, but it actually has been growing inside me for some time now.

I often feel very happy and grateful now, when I stand in the kitchen, chopping the vegetables and stirring the pots and pans.

It even gets me teary with happiness sometimes!

Wow, that sounds so terribly kitschy! 😀

Hm, I think even Gaia thinks “Kitschy!”, as it showed me its own sense of humour:

I was preparing our New Year’s Eve Dinner.

Baking small bread rolls,


slicing vegetables for my potatoe-eggplant-pepper-zucchini-onion-gratin.


The gratitude welled up inside me, while I was slicing an eggplant.
I felt happy, smiled and sliced my index…

Here is the proove:


But I didn’t let that bother me and after applying some plaster I continued with the cooking.

Well, I’m very motivated, when it comes to cooking! 😀

So, what do you think?

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